23.02 - 01.04

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Torii. A Way to Fujiyama

Alexander Lozovoy

Kupol Gallery presents the exhibition of Alexander Lozovoy «Torii. The Way to Fujiima». In this series of works the artist refers to the most recognizable images and motifs of Japanese culture: on his canvases the viewer sees geisha with umbrellas, samurai with faces-masks and grimaces of Kabuki theater, the sacred Shinto ...

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Alexander Lozovoy

About the Artist

Alexander Lozovoy traces his artistic education back to the significant school of the Russian avant-garde. He studied painting under his father, Nikolai Lozovoy (1901-1983), who attended classes by Kazimir Malevich, Pavel Filonov, and Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin. Another mentor and teacher of Alexander was Varvara Bubnova (1886-1983), who worked in an artistic manner that belonged to the Expressionist movement and, before moving to Japan, collaborated with the key associations of the Russian avant-garde: the Bubnovy Valet, the Donkey’s Tail, the Union of Youth.

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