25.09 - 04.10

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The End of Apartment No. 50

Vadim Tishin

As part of Vadim Tishin’s solo exhibition «The End of Apartment No. 50», a series titled «Master and Margarita» is presented, consisting of textile art objects, carpets, and graphic works. Vadim Tishin reinterprets and interprets the creative legacy of Mikhail Bulgakov in his own artistic style, turning to the writer’s mos...

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Vadim Tishin

About the Artist

Vadim Tishin is a modern interdisciplinary artist and designer, winner of international competitions and grants, theatrical costume designer and illustrator, winner of the All-Russian Competition of Professional Skills in the Field of Culture and Art. Vadim Silence’s education began in the Department of Graphic Design at the Art School. G.K. Wagner in Ryazan, where he received the specialty of a teacher. According to the artist, it was there that he found his direction in art and his individual style in illustration. Already in Moscow, he entered the Moscow Institute of Business and Design in the direction of «Costume Design», which helped him develop his vision and skills. Vadim’s work is widely represented not only in Russian galleries. Today his works are in private collections in England, USA, Switzerland, Estonia and Spain. The author received a special response in Tallinn (Portrait Gallery, Tallinn Antonov Gallery). Vadim Tishin works with a wide variety of media: fabrics, graphics, sketches, decorations, ceramics, jewelry, dresses — all of them appear as unique art objects. However, all works have a well-distinguishable author’s style, an appeal to the theater theme and Russian flavor.

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